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Joni has owned and operated Signature Salon & Spa for over 8 years. Joni was a designer and manager for Large Franchise Salon in Sioux Falls for 20 years. Joni is dedicated to providing the best professionals in the area for our customers hair, nail and spa service needs. 


Joni's husband, Jeff, joined the company full time in 2005 and handles all the business functions of Signature Salon Inc., including growth and developement of the organization and it's people.

Call us at (605) 362-1154 to set up your next appointment or to discuss any business opportunities.

Our Management

Signature Salon opened in April of 2000 with a staff of 11 that offered hair and tanning services. In 2005 Signature Salon moved to a new location so that we could expand our offerings to our guests.


We currently have 30 artistic designers, 2 massage thereapist,  and several nail techs. We offer most hair services, massage, facial, pedicures, waxing, tanning, and carry a full line of professional products.


Signature Salon Inc., opened a new location in 2006, Studio 26 Salon & Spa featuring 12 designers, 2 massage therapist and a licensed esthetician also located in Sioux Falls.

Salon Sollievo was added to Signature Salon Inc. in November of 2009. Salon Sollievo and Studio 26 Salon and Spa are two separate salons, uniquely connected in the same building on 26th and Marion. Sollievo features 13 designers and 2 massage therapists.

Signature Salon purchased Chameleon Hair Design, located on the east side of Sioux Falls, in 2008. CHD currently offers 15 designers that offer a variety of services that appeal to your salon and spa needs.




Signature Salon & Spa

3401 W 47th St.

Sioux Falls, SD 57106





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